sooo yeah. haha. i’ve been away a lot bc life and stuff. sorry, but this cursory pic is the best i have right now. i’ve started a bunch of stuff that i just don’t have time to finish. promise i’ll get to them in the future. 


Remember my Donut headcanon?

actuallyagentcarolina: what if children had a magnetic attraction towards sarge. everyone's kids are stuck to him. someone stop him

oh my god

Anonymous: CT and Wash stuck in a 7-11 overnight


"It said that it’s open 24 hours!" Wash sank down to the floor, leaning against the chips rack.

"Yes, well, days here are 32 hours," Connie said, looking quizzically at the wall of preserved baked snacks.

"It was an honest mistake. They should check for customers before they lock up. That’s just good business sense."

"Yeah, you’ll tell the seventeen year old when he lets us out in the morning, as long as he pauses his music long enough to hear you lecture him about business integrity. Here." She threw him something called a Honey Bun that was practically solid with melted sugar.

"We haven’t paid for this," he said, catching it and reading the wrapper despite his own better judgement. "Maybe we could call someone, a manager…"

Connie rolled her eyes, turning to lean down and come face to face with Wash. “Or you can embrace your mistake and realize we’re here for the next six hours, and pay for the food later.” She patted Wash’s left shoulder heavily. “Chin up, Wash. We’ve got all this high quality food to keep us from starving.”

Wash looked pleadingly at the metal gate. “Maybe we could pick the lock?”

Connie laughed. “We?”

"Alright, maybe you could pick the lock.”

Connie smirked at him, reaching past his ear for a bag of cheddar chips. “Yeah, but where’s the fun in that?”

Anonymous: Where is the ableist slur in the chibi fanart?

The caption. D*mb is an ableist slur. rvb in general is loaded with them. They’re lousy words that other and oppress people with various types of disabilities so if a post contains them, I do my best to tag it.

CT Fic Master List


I heard it’s Agent Connecticut Appreciation Week, so I’ve compiled my fics so far and will be adding to it as I fill requests. Enjoy the Connie love. 


i was going to draw C.T. with a sparrow. it went downhill from there. ducklings have a thing for Wash.



What if small children had a magnetic attraction towards Sarge… like whenever he’d be in public and a baby would start crying (tho sarge isn’t really the kinda guy who would be fond about kids) he’d just kinda glance over, slightly annoyed and look at the kid and they’d stop crying and just kinda stare at him and start smiling


I just wanted some de-stress time, so I was watching one of my favorite videos, an’ wanted to do a dumb little scene redraw. 


block171, heres the finished request!

i hope you like my tucker!