Good Job, Team.


The 3-on-1 fight is so interesting.

I mean, it’s a good fight scene and as per the usual with Monty fights you can pull a lot of character meta from the fight choreography itself, but we’ve talked about that before.

What’s also fascinating is the context for this fight.

This “recruit” is so new Carolina didn’t know about her until she walked in on the match (knowing Carolina, probably looking to do an extra solo training session and finding the floor occupied). CT is on the ball enough to know (either from observation or a lucky guess) that the Director is behind this, including the live ammo. York remarks that he can’t believe he “volunteered for this crap.”

Who set up the match? I think it was Wyoming, at the Director’s behest. I’ve always felt Wyoming knew much more about the nature of the project than the others; he and Florida, I think, are considerably older than most of the agents and of a particular skillset (and psych profile) to be trusted with more information. Wyoming I think did a lot of things for the Director, things that included manipulating other agents (see also: Gamma helping to manipulate Carolina in s10), and keeping a close eye on the Director’s special project.

It’s important to remember that Tex has already been deployed on missions before the match takes place. We learn later that it was her who destroyed the oil platform after the twins’ botched intel mission. She’s been operating as a shadow agent, doing clean-up after the team’s missions. This is simply her first introduction to the other agents.

And this is how the Director chooses to introduce her.

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What doesn’t kill me should run, because now I’m fucking pissed

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i love how if all of the female characters were men, literally everyone would want to suck their dicks and dudes would constantly praise them for being so badass like you’d literally always be hearing

"well tex is the strongest so he’s awesome and confident :)"

"boys are supposed to be competitive so carolina is awesome:)"

"well south just has anger issues it’s part of who he is :)"

"ct was so brave betraying PFL like York and North did later :)"


(I just hope they both find something therapeutic for any PTSD they suffer. But yeah, it should be respected more than a simple gesture. It isn’t like them to include little things like that and not have them come up, though - at least, not often - so I guess we can hope, at least. *sigh* I do agree, though, it is very very very frustrating and I’m glad I got to talk to somebody about it. Thank you for a delightful conversation about extreme frustration!)

Absolutely. I’m glad to be able to talk about it with you as well, friend. Here’s hoping we get a satisfying resolution to all this~


ppl are talking about south on my dash


(I am not disagreeing with you in any way; I just find it important to at least ATTEMPT to view their side. Whatever their reasons, though, however valid, it is massively pathetic what they wound up doing for it. If the idea was to make the Sim Troopers the primary focus and not have Carolina steal the show, they would have done better (as much as I hate saying it) not bringing her back in. She’s more than an ‘emergency escape route’, and she’s more than ‘convenient exposition’, and to reduce her to that is massively frustrating.

My only support for the ‘nightmare’ theory is that it is AMAZING how terribly PTSD can affect your performance, and how much lack of sleep can fuck up anything, even adrenaline fueled responses. I’m not saying it’s a GOOD excuse, but it’s not completely terrible. It would be nice if they did more with it than just a casual mentioning, and then continue to let her fall apart, if it’s THAT bad.

And no, I did not mean to seem like I was slighting the new animator. He’s great - especially with the more casual stuff. It’s more smooth, and more elegant, than the casual scenes before - IMO - but it’s pretty obvious he’s not especially combat oriented.

So really, yes, it’s shoddy work, but there ARE things to take into account - even if they’ve done a bad job bringing it up.

ON THE BRIGHT SIDE at LEAST the Sim troopers are getting the attention they deserve. On the negative, Carolina had to be basically cut down to achieve it. If this is what we can expect for Carolina from this point, I’d ALMOST rather she be cut, as much as I hate to say it. She deserves better than “Well, she USED to be good”

The only reason I say limping is hard to machinimate is because of the timing of the movement; push on the stick too long and you get an extra step, push too short and it looks like they bunny hopped. Either way, shortcuts were taken somewhere, with somebody, and while I’m equally upset about it, I’m kind of at the same point with Carolina as I am with RWBY; I’ll watch it, and yeah I’ll see how I can work with it, but I’m not overly impressed with what they’ve done.)

I don’t really have much else to add at this point in time. All I can really say is that if the PTSD thing is, y’know, an actual thing, then it needs to be treated with the weight it deserves and not simply used as a hand-wavey plot device to nerf her cuz she’s too badass or something weird.

I mean, let’s talk about this PTSD thing. It’s not exclusive to Carolina, cuz Wash has been through some shit too. Wash got an entire nightmare segment dedicated to his own trauma—along with a possible arc set-up with Locus. But with Carolina, we all we got a casual mentioning of it via Epsilon and a very brief appearance of Sigma. That’s it, it hasn’t been mentioned, even passingly, since.

So if we’re headed toward character development, fine, but it better be worth it for all the lousy execution. It’s just kind of telling when Wash gets all these subtexual hints and screen time for his own development but Carolina was the one that took off with development in mind. "Try to do better" and all that. And so far, any development she might have gotten was offscreen. But I guess for now, we can only wait and see where this goes.


dropping that first name shit

(shoutout to tumblr user nagunkgunk & their cute as hell smith hc)


Kaikaina Grif. The front for Errera. She doesn’t owb the club, but she’s there enough that people think she does and that’s fine with the actual owner. She’s not a For Hire or anything, just your average girl who loves to have a good time. Don’t let her sweet demeanor fool you though. A guy once tried to get handsy with her after she firmly said no and she punched him so hard his visor shattered. Her hand was bruised up, but otherwise ok. He wasn’t though. She knows everything about anybody that steps foot in to Errera and if she doesn’t she makes sure she does. When the Reds and Blues first come to the city, Grif is shocked to find his sister there at Errera. When explaining why he’s there and that they need help finding their friend, Kaikaina points them in the direction to the man in blue, otherwise known as The Informant…

Wiggles in my seat i had so much fun designing Sis. SO MUCH FUN. Slowly…more of the plot will be revealed….I hope you all look forward to the rest of the cast!

[The Twins] [Thief and Recovery] [Mercenaries] [The Meta] [CT and Number One] [479] [The informant and The Hunter] [The Soldier]

[Bigger @ DA]

Oh yeah I just remembered. Epsilon did some limping during S9 when he was in the memory unit. So yeah, if they wanted Carolina to have a limp, it would be a thing.



runningfromourpast said: "Oh, but she’s INJURED! She can’t POSSIBLY work around that! She doesn’t have any other way to fight back!" >8/ I’m alright with her getting hit because it happens sometimes, even to the best, but it’s a tad ridiculous how useless they make her

There wasn’t any good reason for her to get hit by Sunkist Mc-Monologue to begin with, as Rae dubbed him, and yeah, the extent it’s affected her is ridic contrived.

I mean, let’s talk about how she can still walk fine, so clearly the wound wasn’t that bad, but Epsilon keeps running the healing unit to no avail? If the healing unit can keep somebody alive after being shot in the back, I’m gonna go ahead and call bullshit.

(On one hand, there IS a chance that there was something on the blade that made the wound a bajillion times worse, AND it’s kinda hard to machinimate limping (not that that’s a valid excuse, they’ve done it before), BUT on the OTHER hand, what the hell happened? Aside from taking into account a couple years of aging and possibly losing a bit of conditioning, depending on what you believe happened between PFL and her later appearance, she shouldn’t be so completely useless.

Still, though, I guess there’s still a large gap to be filled with the animation. Their new animator is great, but he doesn’t seem to be nearly as specialized in fight scenes as the teams of seasons nine and ten were. It’s still vERY FRUSTRATING and I wish they would EITHER explain it better, OR provide some kind of make-up. It’s kind of a lame way to say “Look, we’re not having any huge major fight scenes any more, so this is how we’re going to level the playing field”)

If there was something going on with Felix’s blade, it needed to be said. Canon isn’t something that can be inferred, least of all with zero evidence. Carolina got stabbed in the leg, and so far the only “excuse” we have is that she hasn’t been sleeping well. It’s a terribly weak excuse at best and totally contrived as worst. And, you know, coupled with the fact that she can not only apparently walk just fine (I doubt limping is hard to machinimate) but also beat up a prisoner and throw crates around without any problem, I’m gonna blame this on just plain bad writing.

And hey, you know, it’s fine if we’re not doing complex fighting scenes anymore. S11 got on just fine without Monty. Carolina doesn’t need animation to be a badass because we already know she’s a badass. If we limit animation to very quick action sequences like this—


—then we have no reason to nerf Carolina. Maybe she could use her speed mod on certain occasions and they could animate that. It’s not like the current animator sucks at all—he animated an entire episode by himself. It’s good stuff. But if we’re going by animation limitations as a reason to nerf Carolina, it doesn’t stack up. Red vs Blue didn’t even have animation before S8.

And if we go with a possible future plot reason to nerf her, it still doesn’t stack up, because they did a lousy job of it. We had no reason to believe that Felix would get the drop on Carolina when we know better, and the narrative hasn’t given us a good reason to buy it.

It’s just bad writing and I’m more than a bit miffed that the remaining female character from previous seasons is getting this treatment. They can do better than this.